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Malls & Centers

Dynamism in Security

With several decades of experience in varied and dynamic settings like malls and shopping centers, AIG has mastered the art of security by offering personnel, canine services as well as the use of technology. This helps us protect your critical assets and mitigate risk, while contributing to the friendly and caring atmosphere of these complex and dynamic landscapes. Unprotected premises stand highly escalated vulnerability to security breaches. They require static as well as dynamic monitoring; hence the blend of cutting edge technology, interpersonal skills and top-class personnel is a must.

Growing Security Needs

Perhaps there is no environment with as much dynamism as well as commotion as shopping malls, retail spaces and entertainment centers. Hustling with individuals from all ages and backgrounds, these places face the probabilities of physical altercations, lost children, violence, trespassing and theft. They require highly skilled security and surveillance systems to keep these in check. With events of the past decade, the International Council of Shopping Centers, the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the police have all jointly agreed to the rising security needs in these locations and their fulfillment by private security.

State of the Art Training

AIG security teams are proficiently trained in interacting with the public. The sensitivity of interaction with the public by our personnel is in conformity with the friendliness and comfort that these sites represent. Careful selection, in depth training and ongoing guidance coaching assures that our personnel maintain a professional, yet friendly and supportive attitude, besides maintaining utmost integrity and proficiency at what they do. Besides, mastering the latest technological applications gives our officers the upper edge in security breach confrontation and de-escalation methods.

Assuring The Best Security

AIG’s rigorous training processes are in place for all our varied security teams to empower our staff with technical and social skills, which enables reception, risk assessment, monitoring, guarding, facility protection, property security, valet services and parking refuge. They also specialize in advance planning, threat assessment and crowd control as part of emergency readiness. Our hiring process is the most arduous in the industry; this permits us to offer expertise and careful supervision at all levels of security management. AIG officers piloting the most recent technologies can respond competently to any impending security issue that may arise.