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About Us

Our understanding & Vast worldwide network

We have established networks and partnerships across the world with reputable organizations, businesses, and governments with one goal in mind; to provide each of our clients with superior services and products that they expect and deserve.

From design and construction of facilities meant to develop resources in some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations to the navigation of major projects in geopolitically or culturally sensitive environments; our clients depend on us because they know that we deliver. It is the policy of AIG to fully comply with U.S. and all other applicable laws and regulations governing international trade. These laws and regulations cover the export and re-export of products, services, software, technology, and technical data, as well as sanctions and anti-boycott requirements.

Cost & quality efficiency

AIG values efficiency, which enables us to offer our clients numerous products and services in various industries and locations all while improving their bottom line and budget. Once we become cognizant of our customers’ business and their operations, we activate and assign a team of experts in their industry to tailor-make a plan that will improve the quality of their services while simultaneously cutting costs.

Doing so allows our clients to have the edge over the competition coupled with a higher success rate. Avoiding shortcuts at all costs and positioning ourselves strategically, we focus on program performance to deliver the highest potential of our company. Integrity being critical, those who encounter AIG should know we take the proper and honorable route towards our goals. Growing rapidly, we recognize increased size comes with responsibility and the challenge of operating in a timely fashion. Mindful of the importance of honestly communicating issues as well as breakthroughs, we understand that the sooner we describe a problem, the easier it is for us to assemble our company’s resources to resolve it.


AIG recognizes that to succeed in our strategy for continued growth and to secure greater long-term success; we must build a company whose business philosophy is based on sustainability and balances economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. AIG evaluates economic, environmental, and social issues in its decision-making processes and the management systems governing our business activities. AIG implements sustainable strategies to guide the stewardship and administration of our people, our work, and social relationships, structures and communities where we live and work, our infrastructure and material, and our economic prosperity. These strategies include sustainable design, procurement, construction, technologies, supplier and employee diversity, local content, human rights, anti-corruption, training, pollution prevention, health and safety, charitable giving, and volunteerism.

Giving to the Community

At AIG, time and resources to charitable causes where our employees live and work have been central to our corporate culture since the founding of our company. Whether it is revitalizing neighborhoods, supporting local youth, protecting the environment, raising awareness for the treatment and eradication of disease, or enhancing the economic and social well-being of our employees and communities, AIG strives to make a difference in the world where we operate.

Values, Ethics & Compliance

We are always guided by the highest standards of integrity, whether collaborating with customers, co-workers or others. Our Business Ethics & Compliance Program is designed to foster a free and open atmosphere which allows and encourages employees to make inquiries, raise questions, express work-related concerns, report business ethics violations, and violations of law without fear of retaliation. Our program consists of a robust Code of Ethics, which connects our behaviors to business practices. It is a handbook for doing the proper and honorable action and is an essential tool to help our employees make the right decisions. At AIG it is our commitment to conduct business ethically, following the proper practices and the applicable laws not only of the U.S. but other countries in which we operate. We train our personnel on a broad range of topics to provide them with the knowledge needed not only to be compliant but to ensure that they understand their personal responsibility to meet the high standards required of all AIG team members.